Man was hospitalized as he tried to defend his friends from a homophobic attack


Lee Brobson is a 30-year-old man from Chelmsford, England. One January night he was having fun with his two pals named Dan and Clark. They were gay, and some people outside the bar were visibly dissatisfied with the two men’s PDA to each other, this is how the conflict sparked. Walking down Moulsham Street on their way to Bar 7, the group noticed two men watching them near to Mr Ram & Mrs Cod, a local fish and chip shop close to the city center. One of the gay men, Clark, noticed that there was a group of men staring at them and politely asked them what was wrong. In respond they started to yell hateful slurs. “I tired to calm them down,” Brobson said, “and dismiss it, but they grabbed my friend and pulled him back.” Lee Brobson endured the punches to protect his friends, posting the bloodied pictures on his Facebook. He spent 9 hours in the hospital, his eyesight was damaged (probably permanently) and he felt pain in his arm days affter the incident. Brobson said his buddies have taken the incident in their “stride”, while he himself is raising money for the Terrence Higgins Trust as well as the Switchboard LGBT+ Helpline. “I’m determined that something good will come from this even if they never get caught,” he said.


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