Russian YouTuber is trying to change the country


Moscow editor Karèn Shainyan (39) is host of Straight Talk with Gay People, a popular YouTube show. LGBT stars from different countries were interviewed by him. Although Shainyan is Russian, he was always open about his sexuality. Russian is a country where LGBT people are attacked, but YouTuber hopes that education helps people to be free and liberated. “Ignorance and indifference are the main reasons behind the worst homophobia”, he added. He said that it is very difficult for Russian stars to come out because they can lose fans. His show aims to attract attention of more and more people and to expose all myths connected with queer people. When someone says word “gay”, it usually comes from either homophobes or state propaganda. Although nobody knows how many queer people there are in the country, Shainyan is sure there are around 10 million of them.


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