Man sexually abused by bishop accuses Church of England of hypocrisy


Cliff James was abused as a child at a church camp in Cambridgeshire, and now he says that the new ruling of the Church of England which condemns any sexual activity beyond the opposite-sex marriage is completely hypocritical. Speaking to the Argus, Cliff James described the new guidelines as a “medieval” and “a backwards step”, because the further the church goes from the current reality, the less likely it is to keep the congregation and even some priests, because it is not a secret that there are several Anglican priests identifying as gay. “There are a dwindling number of people who believe this kind of thing. It’s a Bronze Age mentality and it’s so backward looking. These comments have got nothing to do with love and they just show how irrelevant the Church of England is to modern society – and why it should be disestablished. It’s medieval,” he concluded, also noting that he is no longer related to the church.


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