Britney Spears listens to her teenage sons while self-quarantining for two weeks


Pop diva Britney Spears (38) had to self-quarantine for 14 days. She couldn’t see even her sons Sean (14) and Jayden (13) she shares with Kevin Federline. Her ex-husband wanted that Spears self-isolates for two weeks because she has a trip from Louisiana to California in the end of last month. It became known that Britney agreed that she has to self-quarantine for two weeks and she decided to stay at home in Los Angeles alone. During that time Spears saw children twice, but only for few minutes. Her sons are by Federline now and he teaches them because all schools in the country are still closed. Britney’ custody was earlier 50%, but it had been decreased to 30% in the last year. “Federlinewants Spearsto have meaningful and significant contact with their sons,”Kevin’s attorney explained. She understands that and agrees with ex-husband; because she is sure Kevin wants the best for their children.


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