The newly-appointed Bishop of Monmouth is a gay woman


Cherry Vann was consecrated in front of more than 400 people in a ceremony at Brecon cathedral. She was ordained as the Church of England priest 25 years ago and was one of the first women to take this post. Now she is the first female priest to be chosen as the Bishop of Monmouth is, and she is also an out lesbian who is in civil partnership with a woman named Wendy. Before she was elected as the Bishop of Monmouth in September, 2019, Vann served as Archdeacon of Rochdale, in the Diocese of Manchester, for 11 years. She was consecrated by the archbishop of Wales, John Davies, and her friend reverend Robert Lawrence gave a speech at the ceremony, saying that her appointment proves that even though there are still controversies about women being ordained as priests and the way the church treats human sexuality, unity is much more important than any divisions.


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