‘There’s no one way to be a woman’ explains trans journalist who ditched make-up, dresses and heels to express her femininity


Meredith Talusan, a journalist, told why she gave up on “woman’s things” like dress, heels and makeup. She is sure there is no one way to be a transgender woman. After her first transition 19 years ago, Talusan understood that femininity became real obsession. She adored doing makeup and dressing elegant because she wanted to be attractive woman. But it became less enjoyable later. She realized later that it takes too much time to dress and to do her makeup. “The attention from men that at first felt intoxicating turned oppressive later”, she added.Talusan decided to transit because it was the right way to express her gender identity the way she wants. After she became a trans woman she refused of doing makeup sometimes. Talusanreplaced her dresses and high heels to comfort clothing. Some guys said that she looks the same and it was rathera compliment. She said that every woman is unique and looks like she feels right now.


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