Trans sportsman will compete in an Olympic trial as a man


Chris Mosier broke new ground as the first trans man to compete in an Olympic trial in correspondence with his actual gender. Due to injury he was forced to withdraw from the trial part-way through, but he still feels grateful, proud and accomplished that it was possible. Mosier made history in 2016 as the first trans person to be selected for Team USA. He originally qualified in duathlon, which is not an Olympic sport. In an attempt to reach sport’s highest platform, he switched to race walking as his coach recommended him. Mosier said that he had been struggling with a knee injury for “a long time” ahead of the trial and was faced with two options: “Go all out today and hurt myself even more, or exit early and live to race another day. I wanted come here today and have this experience and make history and celebrate”. He noted that the decision to withdraw was not easy to make but for now it seems right. Mosier is now facing surgery to correct his knee injury, but promised that this “isn’t the end – on the contrary, this is very early in this new chapter”.


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