Same-sex weddings have boosted the US economy by $3.8 billion


US economy was boosted by $3.8 billion thanks to same-sex weddings. Same-sex marriages were legalised 5 years ago and it is pretty good indicator. 2015 became the happiest year for same-sex couple because they got right to marry. Around300,000 queer couples got married since that time. Couples sent more than$3 billion on same-sex weddings whiletravelling wedding guests spent $550million, study says. State taxes consisted $240million. It is a real good additional contribution. Not only same-sex couples, but also business and state governments benefit by legalisation. 2003same-sex marriage was approved in Massachusetts, later in California and Columbia. By the time same-sex was legalised be the Supreme Court, 240,000 couples celebrated already their weddings. The number of happy queer couple doubled since that time. Thanks to LGBT marriages, about 45,000 people get jobs. Queer couple became happier since same-sex marriages were legalised. Moreover, the number of suicide attempts among queer people decreased since same-sex.


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