People in Czech Republic are much more LGBT-supportive than you might have thought


Around two-thirds of the Czech public believe that the definition of marriage should be extended to include same-sex couples. In results that researchers branded as “encouraging”, a MEDIAN agency survey showed that the majority of Czech citizens support LGBT+ rights. This comes after a marriage equality bill was sent to the lower house of the country’s parliament more than a year ago. Despite attempts to stonewall the legislation, the Government announced its support for the bill. Although, it has since been pelted with postponements since a vote was scheduled to take place. Deliberations, at times lasting seven hours, have stalled the bill and it has not been discussed since the very beginning of the last year. “The most surprising result from the survey is the increase of support for equal marriage among the age group from 35 to 54,” explained Jsme fér spokesperson Filip Milde to Czech Radio, noting that the majority of folks also support adoption of children by gay and lesbian couples, families – both of a child of one partner by the other in the relationship [77 per cent], and of a child from an institution [62 per cent]. At the same time the age factor is important and LGBT supporters are mostly young, while the 50+ people are less likely to deviate from the homophobic ideas they were brought up on.


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