Support for same-sex marriage in the US is at a record high


It’s been already five years since same-sex marriages are legalized by Obergefell v Hodges. Support for queer marriage is really high in the USA. About 70% of American citizens recognise same-sex marriages, study says. According to global analytics, only 27% in 1996 recognised queer marriages. It means that recognition has increased more than 40% in average during the last 24 years.Democrats in the USA are also supportive; more than 80% of them approved. Republicans are not so supportive, although their support is higher than before; approval had an upwards trend since 1996. However, since Donald Trump became the President and Mike Pence works in the White House, LGBT support has stalled. Moreover, Mike Pence is an anti-LGBT. Republicans who supported and voted for Trump expressed even less support for equal marriages than Republicans in general. Just 35% of Trump supporters approved same-sex marriages. Americans are about to celebrate the fifth anniversary of marriage equality this year; on 26th June 2015, same-sex marriages were legalised.


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