Bisexual athlete says fellow sportsmen refused to shake his hand when he came out


Bisexual Olympic hopeful Jack Woolley has revealed that some of his opponents won’t shake his hand when he revealed that he is bi. The Irish athlete revealed that he was bisexual in 2016 on RTÉ’s Road to Rio documentary when he was just 17-years-old. Now he is the first athlete from Ireland to qualify for the Olympics in Taekwondo. “It is tough, my sport,” Woolley told “A lot of the top athletes would be Muslim, so you can’t be too open about it. I have had some opponents who wouldn’t shake my hand and I’m just thinking ‘you need to cop on’. Some have, though. One of the top fighters in the world came up to shake my hand after I won the European silver. I appreciated that,” he went on, adding that he is not a conflict type of person and most people don’t care if he is attracted to both sexes. He thinks it is no big deal, but if there are young LGBT people who want to talk to him about their complicated journey, it will be a pleasure for him, but he does not want to speculate on his sexuality.


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