Lawyers say it is legal to compare LGBT to Nazis


Even though the lawyers in Adelaide, Australia agreed that an anti-LGBT pamphlet spread across the city was disgusting, they failed to prove its illegality. The leaflet, which has a picture of a baby on the front with a communist flag in one hand and a Pride flag in the other, repeatedly refers to LGBT+ people as “heterophobes”. It was created by a group that describes itself online as the “handbook for Christian radicals”. They claim that ‘heteropphobes’ are afraid of ‘normal’ sexual relationship and of responsibility for children that goes as a consequence of this relationship. It also compares gay people with Nazis, LGBT-inclusive education with concentration camp experiments on children and Pride with Nazi propaganda, labeling LGBT activism ‘perverted’ and marriage equality ‘abnormal’. While Australia does have anti-discrimination protections for LGBT+ people, they were designed to prevent discrimination in areas employment and housing and do not protect LGBT+ people from hate speech, so this is not the case which is against the law in its current form .


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