Black trans woman brutally beaten by mob of more than 30 men


Iyanna Dior, Black transgender woman was violated by the group of strangers. It was graphically filmed and this video became viral. On the video we can see the incident connected with car crash in Minneapolis. Minneapolis is an area of protests connected with the death of George Floyd. Strangers attacked Iyanna and began to beat her. After she run to the next shop, stranger followed her. Some of them screamed anti-LGBT slurs. Nobody knows what happened before this attack. Iyanna Dior made a post on Facebook saying that she thanks everyone who cares and that she willtalk soon. She shared her injuries: “The whole side of my face is swollen. My arm is swollen. My bottom teeth cut up my lips on the inside.” Iyanna said she needs to go to the hospital. Iyanna has a lot of support from her followers and LGBT community. This incident called transgender people for fight against discrimination.


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