Riverdale star Lili Reinhart just came out as a ‘proud bisexual woman’


Lili Reinhart (23) from The Riverdale came out as bisexual. It happened on the 3rd of June during the promotion Black Lives Matter protests. Reinhartshared stories on Instagram where she explains she wanted to participate in LGBT for Black Lives Matter protest. “Although I have really never announced it publicly, you should now that I am a proud bisexual woman,”Reinhart said. She called people for joining this protest. The Riverdale star commented that it is so unjust what is happening now. She is really ashamed of racism in our country. Lili Reinhart decided to become an outspoken ally after protests connected with the death of George Floyd began. She wants people to be active during protests across the country. Reinhart said that we all have wrong attitude to out police: “We all are taught to look at our police officers as friendly but theyhave failed us, unfortunately.” She is worried about how people can be protected by the police. Lili had no right words to express her support for Black people, she only wrote: “I stand by you. #BlackLivesMatter.”


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