Gay vicar dies aged 81 and leaves fortune to his young husband


A gay former vicar of English Church Rev PhilipClements (81) died and left fortune to his young husband. Rev Philip died on the 31st of May in Bucharest hospital and this death has nothing to do with Coronavirus. After Philip retired, he came out as gay. Later (in April 2017) he married male model from Romania Florin Marin, who is only 27. Their love became headlines. Clements sold his own house and decided to move to Romania because he wanted to live with his husband. Marin told Clements died in the hospital alone because he couldn’t visit him due to the pandemic. ‘Philip didn’t want me to cry’, he added. The last time Marin saw Clements he gave him a letter with words: “everyone who loved youare praying for you in England and that our cat is fine and missing you.” On religious ceremony were only close relatives. Clements will be cremated. Relatives are sure that Marin just used Clements to take advantage of him: “We had to inherit Philip’s estate but now it’s all gone to Florin”. Marin claims that it is not his fault that his husband left him with money.


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