Kristen Bell ‘doesn’t care’ if her daughters are queer because ‘love is love’


An American actress Kristen Bell explained why she doesn’t care if her daughters are queer. An actress was interviewed by Channel Q and said that sexual choices of her both daughters are not her business. “I am sure I really don’t care what my daughters grow up to be in their career, what their sexual and love choices are going to be”, Bell said. She just want to love them right know because there is no other chance. She is sure that love is love and it doesn’t matter who you love. “Why would I care who loves who? It is not my business”, Kristen added. Actress tried to raise ‘anti-racist’daughters. She even published a book for kids with the tittle The World Needs More Purple People. This book is about to educate kids about what equality is and what does racism mean. Bell told she and her husband tried to do their best for their daughters; they raise them opinionated, kind, morally-compassed women.


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