Polish government uses taxpayer money to fund anti-LGBT+ articles


Polish government decided to use taxpayer money; in such way they want to sponsoranti-LGBT articles in magazines. It is about to compare LGBT rights to communism. The justice ministry of Poland sponsored two articles in two different magazines: Do Rzeczy (In Defence of Christians) and The Irish Times (Catholics Pilloried). The one article says: “Instead of the red flags (communists), they hang rainbow-coloured ones on the walls”. The justice ministrysponsored these articles to support victims of crime and eyewitnesses. It’s claimed in articles that people of religion in Poland face Christianophobia and Christians are the most persecuted religious people all over the world.Marcin Romanowski, Polish deputy justice minister, is sure that such attacks on Christians and church are planned strategy of politics. He wants Christianophobia to be punished as well as antisemitism. It should be noticed that articles are published while Poland is still one of the most hostile countries towards the queer community. Poland was the worst to-be-place for queer people.


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