Bisexual woman wants to arrest her parents for forcing her into ‘gay cure therapy’ in Chechnya


Aminat Lorsanova, 22, was held for four months at the Republican Psycho-Neurological Dispensary where a ‘therapist’ (his name is not revealed, but Aminat says he is a friend of her dad) was brutally physically assaulting her every day, calling it an exorcism and insisted it would take the ‘evil spirits’ away. By ‘evil spirits’ he meant her same-sex attractions. Lorsanova is also calling for charges to be brought against a second psychiatric clinic which detained her for 25 days in August of 2018. Both clinics are in the city of Grozny in the Chechen Republic, a Muslim-dominated region of Russia, known for torturing and abusing gay people. When the woman tried to resist this ‘treatment’, her father injected her with an antipsychotic medication against her will on at least six occasions in 2018. The bisexual Lorsanova was able to escape thanks to the Russian LGBT Network, an advocacy group that has been instrumental in evacuating LGBT+ people from the region. Lorsanova has filed a complaint with the Federal Investigative Committee of Russia, demanding authorities initiate criminal proceedings against people who tortured her, including her own parents


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