Nigella Lawson supports gender-neutral pronouns

MIAMI BEACH, FL - FEBRUARY 28: Chef Nigella Lawson attends a Brunch Hosted By Nigella Lawson during 2016 Food Network

The 60-year-old food writer has shared the New York Times article about the usage of the pronoun ‘they’ referring to one person. The celebrity chef previously donated to a fundraiser to pay for the funeral of a trans man whose family disowned him and refused to claim his body and organize the funeral when he died. She also repeatedly campaigned for trans women being able to gain access to female-only public spaces. And even her now-late husband John Diamond used to say that he was married to a gay man trapped in a female body. Lawson’s support for the trans and non-binary community comes at a troubling time, where anti-trans violence continues to surge, toxic factions of the community campaign against them and trans people are pelted with questions and mockery about their right to exist.


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