Walking Dead star Khary Payton proudly introduces his transgender son Karter to the world


Khary Payton [48] from The Walking Dead [King Ezekiel] told that his son is trans. She shared an Instagram post on this Monday. It was a picture of hid son, Karter. It was really adorable snap. Payton wrote about how hisson chose his own name, how he will take on transphobic trolls he faces in his future. In this post followers saw Karter wearing safety gear. “This is my Karter. My son was born female but has always identified as a boy.He thought it can be nice if I announced it on Instagram”, Payton commented. Payton warned his son of trolls, people who don’t understand it. But his son was ready, he said: “Of course I know about such trolls, daddy. Be sure, daddy, I can handle them.” Payton is very proud of his Karter. He is sure that every person should feel unquenchable love he feels now. Moreover, actor shared this post on the daySupreme Court announced it will protect gay and trans workers from discrimination at their workplaces.


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