Actor Laurence Fox deliberately misgenders a trans woman that does not even exist


Laurence Fox sparked controversy on BBC’s Question Time telling a woman of color that Britain was the most tolerant country in Europe so there could not be any racism. Rather than listen to minorities’ lived experiences of discrimination, Fox chose to double down on his comments. “It’s so easy to throw the card of racism at everybody, and it’s really starting to get boring now,” the actor said, adding that he actually was discriminated against for being white. Jarvis Dupont is a parody Twitter account pretending to be a trans woman who wants to “ban reality”, and while the majority of her tweets are a pure transphobia, of Fox she said: “Laurence Fox is literally worse than a 50 ft Hitler made out of Donald Trump’s dried semen being dragged along the street by black orphan children with gender dysphoria who are denied hormone blockers and have no access to Hannah Gadsby’s latest Netflix special.” To this he responded: “You motherf**king motherf**ker Jarvis. What do you know about anything? You aren’t even a real woman”and added clapback emojs like the whole world did not know before she was not a real woman and not in the point Fox tried to represent it


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