Trans man is the first in Kosovo to legally change his name and gender


Blert Morina won a two-year court battle to exercise his right to change the name and gender marker on his documents. He fought for it for several years but his previous requests were rejected. n December, the Basic Court of Prishtina affirmed his right to change the name and sex marker on his documents. And formally he is not the first in Kosovo but the second, but the first person insisted on keeping anonymity, so the case was not highlighted in the media and it has not been known that trans people of Kosovo can change their legal gender and name. Morina, who is the executive director of LGBT+ rights organization Center for Equality and Liberty, said he was “exhilarated” to win his legal case, and happy that this chapter of his life is over. “There were moments when it became too much to balance the work, transition, all the pressure from society, and then the media,” he said. Two years ago he first went to the Municipality of Gjakova to officially request new documents where his name would be changed “Blerta” to “Blert” and his sex marker from “F” to “M”, but was not allowed to. Last month the refusal was proven unlawful and the man received new documents just in 15 days.


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