LGB Alliance says that people force them back in closet


The trans-exclusive group spoke out after a bisexual woman was kicked out of an LGBT+ bar for wearing an LGB Alliance t-shirt accusing the bar staff of being prejudiced against bisexuals. The LGB Alliance retweeted Jones’ video, adding: “Bisexual people, please read this and join our efforts at the #LGBAlliance. We are not going back into the closet!” adding that to their mind bisexual people were told that they were not welcome in LGBT+ spaces. It added: “We’ll ask Polo Lounge whether it is its policy to exclude supporters of the LGB Alliance. We can’t imagine it is because it would be in breach of the Equality Act 2010,” LGB Alliance added. If they always called them ‘LGBT+ spaces’ the row would never occur. The bar staff did not know whether Jones was bisexual or lesbian, and they did not tell her she was unwelcome, she was only told to turn her T-shirt inside out to be able to enter, but she refused to do it.


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