Olympian Rebecca Adlington’s ex-husband Harry Needs comes out as bisexual on Father’s Day


Wow, the second coming out in a week. Harry Needs came out as bi. Needs is the ex-husband Rebecca Adlington [Olympic swimmer]. Needs, Adlington and her boyfriend Parsons are together on self-isolation now, because in such way they can see their daughter [Summer]. Needs avoided discussing his sexuality. It became knownyesterday through Q&A on Instagram. Someone asked him about his sexuality and he answered that he tried to avoid this question every day of his life because of different labels. “But if I had to answer I would tell that I am bisexual and have always been bisexual”, Needs replied. Moreover, she was aware that he is bisexual since he was 13. Needs decided to came out yesterday because he wanted to mark Father’s Day, Men’s Mental Health Awareness Week and Pride Month of course. “It is gold opportunity to come out”, he added. His close friends and relatives knew his secret. In such way Needs wanted to help others to come out. Needs explained also that his sexuality has no connection to his split from Adlington.


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