Tel Aviv declares same-sex unions will be recognised in Pride Month ‘challenge’ to Israeli government


Israeli government has been challenged by Tel Aviv. The city assured that same-sex couples here will be recognized. Although there are many same-sexcouples in the city Israel recognizes, there are a lot of such couple abroad who are not permitted to wed. Fortunately, Tel Aviv municipality decided to establish a registry from the 21st if June that gives possibility for every couple to join if this couple lives together. Such couple will have all the benefits married couples have: discounts on property taxes, leisure and cultural facilities. Moreover, they can register their kids at preschools. These benefits will be extended also for couples who aren’t planning to wed or for couples who belong to different religions. “We wanted to challenge our government and enable partnership registration that is based on a declaration. IN such way we wanted to honourPride week”, Tel Aviv mayor, a supporter of LGBT community wishing full equality for everyone, said.


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