Mr. Strange on how Stormzy’s apology changed the game for gay rappers


Gay rapper Mr. Strange says that when his colleague Stormzy admitted his own homophobic lyrics to be unacceptable, itt literally opened the door for gay people who wanted to make a successful career in rap, but were afraid that the rap culture was too homophobic. In an interview with Good Morning Britain on Friday, out-and-proud gay rapper Mr. Strange said that Stormzy’s apology meant much more than he could think. Mr. Strange thinks that Stormzy deserves forgiveness because we are all humans and we can make mistakes. And even Mr. Strange cannot guarantee to have never said homophobic slurs, though he is gay himself. “When you come from that background, it is known you don’t accept people for being gay. You say horrible words, and that is why in the rap culture it’s not accepted,” the rapper said. He does not know any other out gay rappers from the UK, but now he is sure they exist.


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