Netflix’s new animated series Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts includes a coming out storyline


The all-ages DreamWorks cartoon is a story of a teen girl named Kipo, who tries to explore a post-apocalyptic world alongside a bunch of her friends. The show also includes some quiet LGBT+ representation among its leads, with teen DJ Benson, played by Coy Stewart, casually coming out. Kip[o confesses Benson that she has a crush on him and the boy friendzones her, giving a typical cliché of an explanation for such situation – it is not you, it’s me, I like you as a friend. As many of girls being told something like that, Kipo half-rhetorically asks Benson why. And in this particular case there is an exact respond to this – Benson likes boys, and he is honest with Kipo about it, telling her he is gay. Viewers praise animated show for going beyond subtext and having no fear of the word ‘gay’ being said out loud. Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts writer Bill Wolkoff tweeted of the warm response: “This makes me proud. I wrote the episode this piece refers to but the storyline was guided by our entire writing staff. All voices weighed in on this moment & how we saw it through.”


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