Elton John’s ex-wife breaks decades of silence to file high court injunction against him


Renate Blauel (67), Elton John’s ex-wife, decided to launch proceedings against him. She kept silence over a long period of time, but she thought it’s enough and filed paperworkto the courts. She wanted to find an injunction against pop king. They met 1983 when Blauel started working on John’s new album Too Low for Zero. It was the beginning of their relationship. But nothing lasts forever. There were married for 4 years before John’s decided to come out as gay. ‘I denied who I really was, what actually caused Renate sadness”, John explained. The couple divorced 1988. The thing is that nobody knows the real reason of this abrupt legal action, but someone claimed that Blauel’s counsel wants to resolve it amicably. Elton has civil partnership with David Furnish since 2005. A couple has already 2 sons. Pop king has already commented his marriage with Blauel. He said he broke Blauel’s heart when he came out. He wasn’t just happy with her. “There was no acrimony in our relationship, only pain”, Elton said.


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