Lady Gaga can be back with new music soon


Nearly a year after teasing her 6th album Lady Gaga is rumored to be releasing a new single within weeks. If not to count A Star Is Born soundtrack, Lady gaga has not released solo music since 2016. “Gaga has been working hard in the studio for the last year and is really excited about what she’s got. She is sticking to what she is good at and the first single is very pop. “She knows she can’t spend too long away from the industry so wants to come back now while there’s still so much love for her,” The Sun reports. Lady Gaga’s representatives are yet to comment the rumors. In December she tweeted: “#LG6 my assistant: when’s the last time you bathed? me: i don’t remember”. Gaga’s last album, Joanne, was released in 2016 – with the artist dedicating her time since to touring, appearing in A Star is Born, and the launch of her own gender-neutral makeup line.


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