Billy Porter never knew he wanted to get married but, the day same-sex marriage became legal, he ‘wept for an hour’


The Pose star shared his reaction after legalisation of same-sex marriages in the country. Billy Porter never believed that it would be possible. After Supreme Court’s ruling 2015 he was literally shocked. He didn’t expect it. “The day it became legal in the US, I cried for the whole hour,”Pose star explained. He really needed this validation of his love to be lawful. Billy Porter married 2017(2 years after legalisation) to his partner Adam Smith. Smith owns a luxury eyewear brand. Billy Porter called also for fight against racism. He also decided to call out anti-LGBT sentiment within the Black community in video that is so impassioned. “Queer Black people are Black people too. Everybody should understand that our lives matter too. So this is my response to those people who don’t understand it. F**k you all! I am cussing. It’s time for cussing!” the Pose star said.


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