Marsha P Johnson’s home town petitions to erect statue of her to replace Christopher Columbus


Black trans activist instead Christopher Columbus? More than 3,000 people signed a petition to replace Christopher Columbus statue in Elizabeth (New Jersey) with Marsha P Johnson. Who is actually this woman? Marsha P Johnson is a Black trans activists left her home town Elizabethwith only a bag of clothes and a few dollars in her pocket and moved to New York. In New York she became known as one of the central figures of the movement for LGBT rights. Many people from her home town Elizabeth are sure that she achieved so much to be recognised. Celine Da Silva (19) from Elizabeth decided to create a petition on calling for honouring Marsha P. “We should honour Marsha for herinspiration of LGBT community around the world, especially Black trans women”, Da Silva wrote. 19-years-old Da Silva is planning to bring her request to the city council. “Marsha P Johnson deserves to be honoured!” Da Silva added.


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