Over 30 people arrested in Russia for supporting an LGBT+ activist


More than 30 people were arrested in Russia. People protested the arrest of Yulia Tsvetkova (27), who is LGBT activist. Tsvetkova was chargedwithgay propaganda spreading. LGBT activist faced 6 year sentence because she run internet page Vagina Monologues. This page was about to encourage people in sharing artistic vagina depictions. In such way she broke country’s gay propaganda law. On the 27th of June, more than 30 people (mostly women) met to support Yulia Tsvetkova. Some of them had placards “Freedom for Yulia Tsvetkova!” “Today they send us to prison just for pictures, tomorrow they will send us to prison for letters?” another placards read. About 35 people from this crowd were detained. There is no information about if they would be charged. It is usually permitted to hold single pickets. But a lot of protestors have been arrested during last week because gatheringsduring the pandemic are forbidden.


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