Homophobic cyclist brutally beats driver, punches him in the face and shuts his leg in a car door


A man was assaulted by a cyclist on the road. Place: Weggs Farm Road in Duston. Time: on the 23rd of June, at 2pm. Moreover, this cyclist (from Northampton, UK) hurled abuse at a man, and this abuse was homophobic. But it was not enough and cyclist decided to trap a man’s leg in a car door. Abusing a man, cyclist punched him in face. It happened when a man, who drove the car (blue Vauxhall), walked away. Cyclist damaged a car door. According to the police report, cyclist (who was about thirty and of slim build, dark-haired and had stubble) left the scene. His bike was dark and handles on it were light. The local Police are searching for witnesses, especially driver who could have some dashcam footage from this place. If you heard or know something, you can call on 101. The number of incident 20000319805 you can use also while calling. It is not the first time people suffer from homophobic abuses in the country. People face often discrimination due to sexual or even gender identity.


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