Jess Phillips gave an interview to a transphobic forum and showed herself as pro-trans

GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - JANUARY 14: Jess Phillips arrives at a city centre homeless shelter on January 14, 2020 in Glasgow, Scotland. (Photo by David Cheskin/Getty Images)

As the then-Labour leadership hopeful held a Q&A with Mumsnet, she made it clear that she would not answer questions about ‘gender critical views’, common among the Mumsnet users, because she represents the working class and the working class does not care about it. The site’s moderators warned early on: “We’re going to draw a line under comments around gender identity and sex now and will delete any further questions that we think stray into this area. This issue has dominated previous webchats, which we don’t think is fair to our guests nor to the entire Mumsnet user community, some of whom have said they felt put off joining in.” On her personal behalf Phillips added that she has always been a women’s rights activist and she is fighting for all women being treated with the dignity they deserve, including trans women, of course. She repeatedly emphasized that not only she believes trans women are women, she thinks that cis women need them to tackle the injustice against the womanhood, because the women are stronger together


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