LGBT Israelis have to fight for benefits when their partners die


Married LGBT+ Israelis are faced with “suspicion and mistrust” from state authorities when they try to access spousal benefits as their wives and husbands pass away. Same-sex marriages are not performed in Israel, but if a same-sex marriage is performed abroad, it is considered legal in Israel. Same-sex couples are allowed to adopt children. As long as they are both alive, it seems like there is nothing to worry about, but when one of the partners dies the grieving widow or widower is left with nothing. Israel’s National Insurance Law offers a host of provisions for widows and orphans in the form of survivors’ benefits – but this law does not include same-sex couples. Same-sex couples and other Israelis unable to marry under Orthodox law can be issued with a “domestic union” card, which entitles couples to the same legal status and rights as married couples. But even with this card, for same-sex couples it is still much more complicated than for straight ones.


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