Pride may be cancelled, but thousands took to the streets in Paris to march for the rights


That fact that annual Pride has been cancelled didn’t become a reason not to march. Thousands of queer people decided to march through Paris. In such way they wanted to protest against racism. Moreover, these people demanded better treatment for sex workers and migrants. The march took place on the 4th of July. The annual Pride parade had to be postponed until autumn, when pandemic ends. Queer people, who marched on Saturday, had masks and red umbrellas on, a lot of them had yellow and purple flags as symbols of intersex Pride. There were a lot of rainbow flags too. Some of LGBT representatives had banners that called for LGBT migrant’s issues. Victor Galarraga, who is co-president of ACT UP Paris, expressed support. “We want to demand basic rights for the most forgotten people here: trans people, HIV-positive people, migrants and sex workers,” Galarraga said. People demanded also racial-justice reform after police brutality incident in the USA.


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