Homophobic, transphobic and racist slurs could finally be banned from the official Scrabble dictionary


NASPA [North American Scrabble Players Association] is about to make a decision as for its official word list. Maybe, homophobic, transphobic and racist slurs will be removed. Scrabble began to discuss offensive slurs after Black Lives Mattermovements. John Chew, NASPA CEO, said he knew there are some words that cause harm people. “I mean wordsbased on some innate trait such as gender, race or sexual orientation”, Chew added. He is sure that people don’t even think they can oppress some groupswhile using these words. North American Scrabble Players Association made a list including “faggot”, “bumboy”, “shemale”, “dyke” etc. According to the poll, where 2,000 people participated, majority agreed that such slurs have to be removed. But the thing is,members of NASPAwere split on the issue. WESPA [World English Language Scrabble Players Association] is also considering if such words should be removed from dictionary or not.


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