Human rights lawyer urges Japan to stop forcing trans people into sterilization


Michael Kirby, 80, who is co-chair of the International Bar Association Human Rights Institute and a former justice of the Australian High Court, said there is “no excuse” for Japan not changing the current gender recognition laws according to which transgender people must undergo a permanent sterilization before they are able to change their name and gender in their legal documents. In a piece originally published in IRONNA, a Japanese newspaper, and subsequently reprinted by the Thomson Reuters Foundation, Kirby said that it was time to change the law so that it will protect transgender people as the international justice demands. All people (including, of course, the members of the transgender community) should be legally protected, but this particular law is endangering them instead, the lawyer notes, adding that there were several countries with the similar laws – Australia, Germany and the Netherlands – but they all have already repealed it as unconstitutional. .


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