50 Cent thinks he must be gay to still find Halle Berry attractive after she said she wanted to play a trans man


It was recently revealed that Halle Berry wants to play a transgender man in one of the future film. Some of her fans supported her, some not. The majority criticized her. After hateful comments spreadher intention on social media, Berryrefused of it; she pulled out of the project and apologized. The actress said she hopes to become an ally on media as well as in real life.Nobody thought rapper 50 Centcomments this situation. His reaction of was unexpected. Rapper decided to express confusionover perceiving Halle Berry as transgender man. He said he must be a gay if he finds her attractive.50 Cent made a post on Instagram and wrote: “You wanted to do what? Why?Oh my Gosh, if I still think you’re beautiful, I’m gay.” Rapper has never kept any silence when it comes to unsavoury jokes about the LGBT community. What do you thing about playing by Halle Berry a transgender man?


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