Homophobic thugs spray-paint swastikas onto Paris gay bars


One more hhomophobic act of hate; two gay venues in Paris have been defaced with swastikas by homophobic thugs. Cox and Banana Café are popular gay bars in Paris that have been harmed last week. Someone made hateful graffiti. It happened on the 3rd of July on Friday in Banana Café, the day when bar was closed. Hate crime was caught on security cameras near the bar; there were 3 men with uncovered faces. BarCox was harmed on the 6th of July, on Monday. Frédéric Hervé, who owns the Bar, is sure, LGBT community is at gunpoint. He told they received abusive calls and letters with threats. «But swastikas? This is too much», Hervé added. Politicians in Paris are trying to say that homophobia will never have a place in the city. Among such politicians is Jean-Luc Romero-Michel wants to stop minority with hateful views. “Hatred will never have a place in Paris,”Romero-Michel said while visiting CoxBar.


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