LGBT+ rights activist Susannah Toland passed away suddenly aged 45


LGBT community of Northern Ireland is devastated now: the most popular LGBT activist of LondonderrySusannah Toland passed suddenly away. It happened on the 3rdof July on Friday. The death cause is still keeping in secret. Toland was 45. She was supporter in women’s and children’s homeless shelter. It is a real massive loss for the community. Susannah was the only gay Black woman in the town. “Susannahhad real deep roots in standing up for the queer community and in standing up for herself,” her friend explained. Tolandwas real brave person for everyone from the community; she cared about others, she helped everyone without demanding anything in return, she could fight publicly with no fear. Foyle Pride Festival announced Toland’s death with a heavy heart. “Susannah Tolandwas one of the first people who had enough courage to be who she wanted”, the group commented. Susannah who had a big heart and shared her love was a role model for everyone. Toland’s friends organised a fundraiser with aim to help her family with funeral.


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