Same-sex couples are being ‘blocked’ from marrying in Northern Ireland


“Our government is failing to deliver full marriage equality. All the regulations have a delay,” the first same-sex married couple [Sharni and Robyn] from Northern Ireland said. Same-sex marriage became lawful in the country on 13 January 2020 and Sharni and Robynis the first queer couple that married. House of Commons made it possible to extend same-sex marriage to the country one year ago. But the thing is that same-sex couple couldn’t still convert existing civil partnerships to marriages. Sharni and Robyn blame Brandon Lewis, the secretary of the country, saying that he did nothing to make it possible. A couple is upset because there are a lot of same-sex couples who still cannot plan their religious ceremony (also because of the lockdown) and have no possibility to convert their civil partnership. Sharni and Robyn remember what a perfect wedding day they had, family members supported them and they want other couples to have the same chance to enjoy that moment.


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