Tokyo 2020 athlete comes out with fairytale love story


Haylie McCleney, softball player from US, discussed her sexualityfor the very first time. She told that she engaged to her beloved Kylee Hanson, who is her fellow softball player. McCleney said theirrelationship reads like a real fairytale. They are together since they were 17 years old. When they first met, it was just friendship, but later that led to pure love. “We both understood that our feelings had taken the next step and it was really crazy. You know why? Because it was so obvious to anyone else in our team,” McCleney explained. Haylie said so sweet words about Kylee. She was so in love with Kylee. The only thin stopped them were social constraints. “I was afraid of feeling comfortable with what really is deep attraction”, McCleney added. She became the first woman from Southern Baptist church who started dating a woman. That’s why it took a long time before she will be ready to come out.


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