Miss Utah on why beauty queens do not come out


Rachel Slawson was crowned Miss Utah 2020, meaning she will be the first-ever bi woman to fight for the Miss USA crown. When she is asked why her sexuality matters, Rachel replies that many of people are simply afraid of being discriminated against because of their sexuality and that s why they prefer to hide I t. But fear changes nothing for better, it is damaging, it should be eliminated. “Pageantry is historically conservative, and LGBTQ+ people are often found helping backstage, afraid to step out and be seen for who they are. This is unacceptable,” she told The Independent. Slawson, who also has bipolar disorder and wants to use her platform to dispel mental health stigma, said that regardless of who we are we all deserve a moment in the spotlight. The fact that the first openly LGBT+ woman in the Miss USA pageant is representing Utah is even more significant, as the anti-LGBT+ Mormon church dominates politics in the state.


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