Ricky Martin reflects on the emotional moment he finally admitted to himself that he was gay


Ricky Martinreflected on the heartfelt moment when he understood he is gay: singer said he just cried like crazy after he admitted that he is gay. Martin wrote his memoir at that time. As we know, Ricky Martin came out as gay ten years ago, in 2010. He explained that his memoir writing had helped him to understand who he was. Martin spoke on Proud Radio and explained that it was a real challenge for him to accept his own sexuality. He told about feelings he had at that moment when he realized who he is. “I was on the place I was fighting as I was writing my book between saying, ‘Am I gay? Am I bisexual? And I kept repeating these questions. Then I understood the truth about myself: Rick, you are a very fortunate homosexual man,” he explained. He said he started crying like crazy after that. But tears of happiness were pouring down. Since that time he identifies himself as “a fortunate homosexual man.”


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