Grassroots campaign raises over $250,000 for Black trans women


More than $250,000 was raised by a grassroots organisation. Money were raised with the aim to buy a part of land where twenty tiny homes for Black transgender women will be built. It is actually about one small non-profit organisation from Memphis, Tennessee,called My Sistah’s House.My Sistah’s House supports and helps Black transgender women as well as non-binary people to get safe housing. The organisation decided to launch a GoFundMe in June. Since that time already over $250,000 was raised. The plan of My Sistah’s House is to build 20tiny houses on the plot of land bought by the organisation. They hope to make it possible for transgender women and non-binary people to get this housing till the end of 2020. The plan started: “The land acquisition is already in process and we started selecting a supplier for building materials. We are planning to end building the first three tiny houses in December”, fundraisers commented.


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