Pakistan court orders ‘gender test’ of trans man accused of illegal ‘same-sex’ marriage to woman


Medical board will be formed in Pakistan. The country’s Court decided to form such board to do a special gender test. This gender test is on a transgender man who may be changed his gender to have a possibility to marry a woman. As we know, same-sex marriage is not legal in Pakistan. One couple has been charged with having a same-sex marriage. This case was heard on the 15th of July.Ali Akash made gender reassignment surgery. His wife is satisfied She said that she knew about gender surgery before the wedding and that her husband fulfills all her needs. The judge said that it is necessary to make gender test and to present the results till the 21st of July. Homosexuality [same-sex marriages] can be punished to ten years in prison in the country. Fortunately, Pakistan is increasingly trying to accept transgender people. 2018 a billthat grants broad legal protections for the queer community was passed: trans people have full rights on inheritance law and trans men have right to marry trans women.


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