Senator apologized for calling Leo Varadkar autistic


Irish senator Catherine Noone has made an ableist remark about the country’s now-resigned gay Prime Minister, saying that he was socially uncomfortable so he was probably within the autistic spectrum. First of all, not all autistic people are socially uncomfortable and those who are can be quite unlikely to build political career with a lot of public attention. And even in this quite unlikely case, using autism as an argument to discredit your rival is ableism (discrimination on the basis of disability) anyway. Leo Varadkar is not autistic, of course. The 43-year-old senator initially denied the comments. But after The Irish Times informed her of a tape in which she was recorded saying the remarks, she issued an apology. Noone said she wanted to “unequivocally apologize and withdraw all of my remarks […] which were completely unacceptable”. She admitted that her choice of language was absolutely wrong and she wanted Mr. Varadkar to know she was deeply sorry.


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