Mormon dad urged the church to protect his lesbian daughter


A lifelong member of the Mormon church has written a heartfelt piece about how anti-LGBT teachings of the church are damaging the spirit of love and disfigure the faith, standing between parents and their loved LGBT kids. David Winslow describes himself as “a 60-plus, returned missionary, temple married, father of eight, lifelong member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints”. When one of his children came out to him as a lesbian, he researched the Mormon literature and spoke with the pastor to find out what is the church’s opinion about it. The answer was ‘extremely negative’ , and it was not what he knew about his baby girl, who loves and obeys her family and God, who had never done anything bad and who lit up the room every time she came in. And this dissonance made the loving father change his mind about the authority of the church leaders and whether they were really guided by God in what they preached. “I again implore the leaders of the church to emulate the Savior’s love to seek true revelation with empathy, strength and humility regarding God’s plan of salvation for the LGBTQ,” he finished the letter.


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