Barbados invites same-sex couples to live on the island for a year as it begins unpicking colonial-era homophobia


Barbados is waiting for you if you are a same-sex couple.Prime minister of the island Mia Mottley said that same-sex couples are welcome here. As we know, Barbados has colonial-era stance on LGBT rights. And now Barbados welcomes couples because the island wants to free itself from this era. The smallest Caribbean island made it possible for foreigners to live and work remotely there for the whole year. In such way economy of the islands can be kept. LGBT community was worried about it because of the archaic laws on homosexuality there. According to Welcome Stamp visa, a spouse has to be a mixed-sex partner. This fact made impossible to be in relations of same-sex couples. However, Mia Mottley made it clear that all, even same-sex couples, are welcomed here. “We welcome all, everyone”, she said. When you are male and you have same-sex relations, you can get up to 16 years in prison in Barbados. Mottley said that this bill should bedebated imminently.


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